Your Teaching Staff

    Instructor:  Chris Parsa

     Office hours:  Wednesday 4-4:45pm in E2 Room 325

    TAs:   Viet Trinh and Huazhe Wang


Viet Trinh:
01B  Wednesday  09:20AM-10:25AM     R Carson Acad 252
01D  Friday            01:20PM-02:25PM     Soc Sci 2 179
Huazhe Wang:
01A  Tuesday        11:40AM-12:45PM      Cowell Com 134
01C  Thursday       01:30PM-02:35PM     Oakes Acad 222 

Class Location and key dates

Class Location:  Classroom Unit 001

Class Time:  MWF 2:40 - 3:45pm

Final Exam:  Monday, June 12, 2017    12:00-3pm

Class Resources

  • Our class text is The TCP/IP Guide by Charles M. Kozierok, Fifth Edition.
    • You can read this online for free.
    • You can buy it at (but I wouldn't).
  • You might also consider several Networking Sections of Wikipedia as our class text.
  • We will use a few sections of Khan Academy
  • Pointers to several networking texts that I used as a graduate student
  • Several other sites of interest as we move through our time together